Brian Severn & Those Victorious

Hailing from Frederick, Maryland, “Brian Severn & Those Victorious” are quickly proving to be tenacious self starters. Writing and performing highly melodic compositions with emotionally intelligent lyrics and big catchy hooks, it’s evident that their inspiration comes from within. The band which began as a solo acoustic project featuring Brian Severn has grown into a solid song-oriented powerhouse.

Brian began playing guitar at age 10 and started writing and performing by age 12. After watching Green Day’s Woodstock Performance on television he knew instinctively what he had to do.
The band features Brian Severn on guitar and lead vocal, with Paddy Mayonnaise on drums/percussion, Brian "Briany Tiny Hands" Tessier on guitar/back vocal, and Chris "Playboy" Martin on bass. Inspired by, and exhibiting a sound in the vein of artists such as Green Day, Everclear, GlassJaw, Alkaline Trio, and Tom Petty, the band has recently completed their second EP produced by Grammy™nominated engineer/producer David Ivory (The Roots, Halestorm, Silvertide, Patti LaBelle).
Brian Severn & Those Victorious is dead serious in the quest to create awareness for their project. Continuing to seek guidance from David Ivory and engaging Artist Management and Music Marketing firm Allure Media Entertainment, Philadelphia, PA to assist in the furtherance of their career, the band seems destined for Independent Success.

Their second EP entitled “Wonderboy”, officially released in February 2008, is now available online at their website, and digitally on iTunes.   A new single “Nothing Gold”, recently recorded and produced by David Ivory is set to drop in early 2010.  The band tours extensively and has played the stage with many national acts.

To stay informed on the bands scheduled shows or for more information on Brian Severn & Those Victorious, you can visit their websites or contact their management – Allure Media Entertainment.

Allure Media Entertainment

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