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03/10/10 ...... Anticipation is mounting for the release of Brian’s new single “Nothing Gold” produced by Grammy nominated engineer / producer David Ivory. The record has been mastered, and all the artwork has been completed. A street date of early April is planned and will be announced shortly.

.... Brian’s management is in the process of aligning the band with a national booking agent. The band will be expanding their tour territory beginning in the Spring of 2010. This will enable more of the loyal Those Victorious fans to catch his show.

Hailing from Frederick, Maryland Brian Severn & Those Victorious are quickly proving to be tenacious self starters. Writing and performing highly melodic compositions with emotionally intelligent lyrics and big catchy hooks, it’s evident that their inspiration comes from within. The band which began as a solo acoustic project featuring Brian Severn has grown into a solid song-oriented powerhouse.
Brian Severn & ThoseVictorious
Debut EP 

New Single
“Nothing Gold”

Nothing Gold


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